Your question: Can I travel to Thailand by train?

You can travel Bangkok-Vientiane, Bangkok-Cambodia or Bangkok-Penang-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore by train, too. … Restrictions may apply on foreigners entering Thailand. You must fill in a health form before taking the train, download here.

How can I go to Thailand from India?

One can travel from India to Thailand via the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway. The road trip commences in north east India’s Manipur, manoeuvring all the way to Thailand’s Mae Sot. A 3,200 km drive in total, it would take approximately a week to complete.

How much is a train ticket in Thailand?

Type of Train :

Train Type Distance km Fee in Baht
Rapid Train 51 – 150 30
Rapid Train 151 – 300 50
Rapid Train Over 301 km 110
Express Train Any 150

Are trains running in Bangkok?

Northbound Southern Line Train Services

Only 3 long distance services travelling from the South of Thailand to Bangkok are now operating. All travel via Surat Thani, Chumphon and Hua Hin.

Is Thai visa free for Indian?

Yes, Indians need a visa to enter thailand. Depending on the purpose of your visit. If you’re solely going for tourism, for not more than two weeks- you can get a visa on arrival.

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How much will a Thailand trip cost?

A: The amount can vary depending on the kind of hotels you choose. However, you can have a fairly good trip one-week trip to Thailand in about Rs 50,000.

Is railway ticket available online?

Easy IRCTC Train Booking

MakeMyTrip is the leading portal for booking IRCTC train tickets online which is offering the most convenient ways to book train tickets, check train schedule, train availability, and view live train status.

How far is Phuket from Bangkok by train?

The combined trip (train + bus) takes 16 hours, and the ticket including both forms of transport costs from $35. If you are thinking about how many kilometres there are from Bangkok to Phuket – the distance between them is 840 km.

How do I book a train in Thailand?

Thailand train tickets are available for online booking at

  1. Northern Line. The distance between Bangkok and Chiang Mai is about 750 km and can take around 11-14 hours to reach. …
  2. Southern Line. …
  3. Northern Eastern Line. …
  4. Eastern Line. …
  5. SRT Thailand Train Ticket Classes & Cabin Type.

How much is the train from Bangkok to Hat Yai?

The train from Bangkok to Hat Yai Junction departs 5 times a day from Hualamphong station, taking between 13.75 hours to 17.66 hours to cover the 945 km distance, with tickets prices from 259 Baht for a 3rd Class seat on a Rapid train to 1,794 for a 1st Class sleeping berth.

How do I buy a train ticket in Thailand?

Train tickets can still be purchased via booking counters at Thai railway stations. In most cases you will be asked to show your passport when purchasing tickets in person at counters. You can also book via the 24-hour SRT Hotline when in Thailand by dialling 1690 .

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Do sleeper trains have showers?

Amtrak Sleeper Car Bedroom Suites are perfect for four adults. These rooms feature two connected Bedrooms, each with upper- and lower-berth bunks, just like in other cars; private toilets; showers; armchairs; sinks and vanities.

What is the best time of year to go to Chiang Mai?

The ideal time to visit Chiang Mai is between October and April. Weather during this period is mostly cool and pleasant with light breeze, which is also why it’s peak tourist season. Another good time to visit Chiang Mai is during the festivals when the city is at its vibrant best.

How long is train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Train

The train ride from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station to Chiang Mai station can take anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, so choosing a comfortable seat is a must. Don’t let the distance feel daunting – this is one of Thailand’s most picturesque train rides.