What is where are you going in Thai?

The word ที่ไหน(thîi-nǎi) is asking about directions. “Where are you going?”, คุณจะไปที่ไหน(khun jà bpai thîi-nǎi)? For example, when you get into a taxi the driver may ask you “Where are you going?” คุณจะไปที่ไหน(khun jà bpai thîi-nǎi)? … – คุณจะไปที่ไหน(khun jà bpai thîi-nǎi)?

How do you ask where in Thai?

To say ‘where’ in Thai, you use ‘tii nai’ (ที่ไหน).

What is mai ao in Thai?

ไม่เอา (mai ao) – (I) don’t want (something)

What is Jao in Thai?

จ้า (jâa) Ja in Thai can be used as a replacement for krap and ka. In case you don’t know, Krap and Ka are particles you add at the end of sentences to sound polite and friendly. If you want to sound more friendly, and/or more like a rural Thai person, you should try to use the word ‘ja’.

What is Arai Wa?

Arai Wa is slang, means “Really?” I hope you don’t think the Na in Bang Na is the same word though…

What does Jing Jing mean in Thai?

จริง Jing1. If you repeat the word twice, it means ‘really! ‘, ‘seriously’, or ‘I’m telling the truth.

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What is Sui Mak Mak?

You’re very pretty. Khun suay mak mak. You’re cute.

How do you apologize in Thai?

If you want to say sorry in the Thai Language, the most common way is saying ขอโทษ (kŏr tôht). You can use kŏr tôht to mean “excuse me”, “sorry”, “apologies”. Keep in mind, that if you are a female add Ka at the end of sentences, and if you are a guy add krap at the end of the sentence.

What is your name in Thai?

คุณชื่ออะไร (khun cheu ah-rai) – What is your name?

How do you say basic phrases in Thai?

Basic Thai phrases for greetings

  1. Hello = Sawatdii.
  2. How are you? = Sabaaidii mai?
  3. I’m fine = Sabaaidii.
  4. I’m not well = Mai sabaii.
  5. I come from (America) = Pom/Chan maa jaak (ameerigaa)
  6. What country are you from? = Kun maa jaak bprateet arai?
  7. Thank you = Khop kun.
  8. Sorry = Khot hort.

How do you answer the phone in Thailand?

Thais will typically answer the phone with สวัสดีครับ /sà-wàt-dee kráp/. But occasionally they will use the English loan word ฮัลโล /ha-loh/. As native English speakers, we usually answer the phone in Thailand simply by saying “hello”.

What is the meaning of Khun?

Khun (courtesy title) (คุณ, short vowel, middle tone) is a common Thai honorific. Khun (noble title) (ขุน, short vowel, rising tone) is a former royally bestowed Thai noble title.

What does KHOP Khun mean in Thai?

The Thai word for thank you is khop khun. It is perhaps the most important Thai word to learn. Thais are polite and khop khun is a response that is always appreciated. Women say ‘khop khun kha’, men say ‘khop khun khap’.

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