What is the theme of Filipino American History Month?

Learn more from the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) about the 2021 theme of Filipino American History Month, “50 Years Since the First Young Filipino People’s Far West Convention.” The theme honors the 1971 convention as the beginning of the Filipino American Movement.

What is the theme for this year’s Filipino American History Month?

This year, FANHS is honoring the youth who have advocated, and continue to advocate, for social justice for the Filipino American community for the past 50 years. Adapted from the Filipino American National Historical Society website. The museum celebrates cultures from across Asia all year long.

Why is Filipino American History Month important?

October was chosen to commemorate the arrival of the first Filipinos who landed in what is now Morro Bay, California on October 18, 1587.

Filipino American History Month
Observed by United States
Type Secular, heritage, cultural, ethnic
Significance Celebration of Filipino American history
Begins 1 October
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How do Filipino celebrate American month?

Resources to Celebrate Filipino American History Month

  1. Organize teach-ins about the Far West Conventions.
  2. Teach about the histories of Filipino American college student organizations (like SFSU PACE)
  3. Highlight the history and development of Filipino American Studies/Filipino American curriculum.

What month is Filipino American History Month?

Filipino American History Month is celebrated in the United States during the month of October. The Filipino American National Historical Society established Filipino American History Month in the year 1988.

What was Larry Itliong fighting for?

Larry Itliong was a Filipino American labor leader who organized West Coast farm workers, starting in the 1930s. He became well-known in the 1960s for spearheading the Delano grape strike and teaming with labor leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to demand farm workers’ rights.

What is Filipino American Day?

What day is Filipino American Day? Philippine–American Friendship Day is celebrated on July 4 every year.

Who created Filipino American History Month?

Dorothy Laigo Cordova, first introduced October as Filipino American History Month in 1992 with a resolution from the FANHS National Board of Trustees.

In what year did Congress recognize Filipino American History Month?

On the national level, Filipino American History Month became federally acknowledged in 2009 when the Senate of the 111th Congress passed a formal resolution to recognize Filipino American History throughout the month of October.

Who was the term Filipino originally used to identify?

Apolinario Mabini (1896) used the term Filipino to refer to all inhabitants of the Philippines. Father Jose Burgos earlier called all natives of the archipelago as Filipinos.

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What is the Filipino heritage?

Filipino Heritage: a collection of objects from the Philippines that reflect the cultural heritage of the Filipino people | The Field Museum.

Why is Native American Heritage Month in November?

Why is Native American Heritage Month in November? Per the resolution, Native American Heritage month is in November because the month of November “concludes the traditional harvest season of Native American Indians and was generally a time of celebration and giving thanks.”

What is Filipino heritage night?

Filipino Heritage Night has been an annual Warriors tradition, not just because a large chunk of Dub Nation is Filipino but also because of the ties to Warriors legend Raymond Townsend, the first Filipino-American to play in the NBA. … It had the Sikaran-Aramis Academy of Philippines Martial Arts doing their thing.

Who is considered Filipino American?

Filipino Americans (Filipino: Mga Pilipinong Amerikano) are Americans of Filipino ancestry. Filipinos in North America were first documented in the 16th century and other small settlements beginning in the 18th century.

What history month is October?

Heritage Month Guide

Month Heritage Celebrated
September National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)
October National Disability Employment Awareness Month and National Italian American Heritage Month
November National American Indian Heritage Month
December None to date; are two international commemorations