What is considered long term pass holder Singapore?

What is a Long-Term Visit Pass? The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is for a common-law spouse, step-child or handicapped child of an Employment Pass or S Pass holder.

Who are long term residents in Singapore?

You will be eligible to apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass if you are a: Spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) Spouse of a Singapore permanent resident (PR) Unmarried child (aged under 21) born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by a Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident.

What’s the difference between LTVP and LTVP+?

Long Term Visit Pass-Plus Scheme

Foreign spouses of SCs who submit applications for LTVP would automatically be considered for LTVP+ if they are eligible. The LTVP+ provides foreign spouses of SCs with greater certainty of stay here by granting the holder a longer period of residency.

Are long term pass holders allowed in Singapore?

If you are holding a Long Term Visit Pass ( LTVP ) issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority ( ICA ), you can work in Singapore only if you get a work pass. Note: You are not allowed to work in objectionable occupations such as a dance hostess or a masseur.

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What is LTVP eligibility?

Eligible Employment Pass or S Pass holders can bring certain family members to Singapore on a Long Term Visit Pass. Hold an Employment Pass or S Pass. … Earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of $6,000. This is based on your salary, and not based on your combined household income.

Is EP Long Term pass holder?

Common-law spouses, unmarried handicapped children (above 21 years old), and unmarried step-children (under 21 years old) of successful EP holders can apply for a long-stay visitor visa known as a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP).

Is s pass a long term pass?

Validity of S-Pass

The S Pass has a validity of up to 2 years and is renewable as long as the pass holder remains employed in the company, subject to the prevailing conditions imposed by the authority at the time of renewal.

Who are long term pass holders?

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is for a common-law spouse, step-child or handicapped child of an Employment Pass or S Pass holder. Pass holders earning over $12,000 can also get a pass for parents. Find out about the pass and how to apply.

Why is Long Term Visit Pass rejected?

The reason for the Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) rejection usually relates to the parent’s salary or company’s weak reputation at the authorities. The estimated minimum qualifying income is $5000 SGD a month. The application has up to 3 months to prepare new papers and come up with the appeal.

Is Long Term Pass Same as dependent pass?

The passes offered to the family members of Singapore work visa holders, namely the Dependant’s Pass (DP) and the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP), offer the flexibility to live, go to school and travel freely in Singapore. However, the flexibility of these two passes does not extend to working in Singapore.

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How many times can you extend your stay in Singapore?

In most cases, you are given 30 days, after which you must leave the country. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority allow you to apply for a one-time 30-day extension of a short term Visit Pass.

How do I know if my long term visit pass is valid?

To check the status of your extension of Visit Pass application, please use the “Enquire Application Status” function on the e-Service by keying in your: Travel Document number and D/E Number; or. Travel Document number and Travel Document expiry date.

How do I extend my Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore?

Log in to EP Online to apply for renewal. For dependants of Employment Pass (sponsorship) and EntrePass holders: complete the form and mail it to us. Remember to include all supporting documents mentioned in the form. The outcome will be emailed to the email indicated in the application.

Can LTVP get SingPass?

To be eligible for SingPass: You must be a citizen of Singapore and be a permanent resident. Your must not be less than 15 years old. You are a pass holder (employment pass, EnrePass, Dependent Pass, S-Pass, LTV Pass Plus).

Can I apply LTVP and PR at the same time?

One question I posed in my earlier post is whether you can apply for an LTVP whilst a PR application is pending – the answer is YES but you can only apply for an LTVP if you are actually in Singapore (as you need to provide an “embarkation number” with your application).

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How do I find my long term visitors pass address?

For now, holders of ICA-issued LTPs can either use their Singpass mobile app (under My Profile – Personal), or log in to the MyICA online portal at www.ica.gov.sg (under MyProfile), to present their registered address to establishments that require the information.