What are the effects of Spanish colonization in the Philippines Quora?

What are the effects of Spanish colonization in the Philippines?

Spanish Colonization (1565-1898)

Because Spain controlled the Philippines so early and for so long, they were a massive influence to the modern Filipino culture. The biggest influence still seen to this day is religion. The majority of religion practiced in the Philippines is still Roman Catholic, at 79.5%.

How did Spanish colonization affect the Philippines Quora?

Spaniards established government systems, trading business, railways, schools and universities. Spaniards made Manila as the country’s capital. A lot of cities and provinces were renamed by them according to Spanish orthography. Most Filipino surnames were derived from Spanish names.

What are the effects of the Spanish colonization?

The effects of colonization on the native populations in the New World were mistreatment of the natives, harsh labor for them, and new ideas about religion for the spaniards. One negative effect of colonization was the colonizers mistreating the natives.

What are the disadvantages of Spanish colonization in the Philippines?

Two main ways that Spain was detrimental to Filipinos was by improper taxation and the friars and priests enforcing religion, language, and social norms. One way that Spain aided the Philippines was through the galleon trade.

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How does Spanish period affects the Philippine literature?

Ancient literature was collected and translated to Tagalog and other dialects. The Spanish language which became the literary language during this time lent many of its words to our language. … Many grammar books were printed in Filipino, like Tagalog, Ilocano and Visayan.

Why did Spain colonize the Philippines Quora?

The main purpose of the spaniards were to find out another route to Mollucas going to West as they are prohibited to go to Mollucas going east. One of the purpose of the conquest of the philippines was actually to spread catholicism to Asia. The Philippines will serve as some sort of base of it.

How did the Spaniards affect the governance in the Philippines?

It also exercised legislative and judicial powers. Spain established a centralized colonial government in the Philippines that was composed of a national government and the local governments that administered provinces, cities, towns and municipalities.

What did Spain contribute to the Philippines?

The Spaniards introduced Christianity (the Roman Catholic faith) and succeeded in converting the overwhelming majority of Filipinos. At least 83% of the total population belongs to the Roman Catholic faith. The American occupation was responsible for teaching the Filipino people the English language.