Is Malaysia good for MBA?

Malaysia is not only a top tourist holiday destination but is also emerging out to be a very popular study destination especially for those aiming to pursue MBA abroad with good ROI. UNESCO ranked Malaysia as the 11th most preferred study destination in the world.

Is it worth doing MBA in Malaysia?

Accelerated career development, leadership capabilities, and professional network building are not the only advantages you’ll gain with an MBA. MBAs are a financial investment, but it turns out there is compelling evidence for the financial reward for undertaking an MBA in Malaysia, too.

Which MBA is best in Malaysia?

Top 10 notable MBA courses in Malaysia

  • Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
  • Asia School of Business (ASB)
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  • UCSI University.
  • Putra Business School.
  • Taylor’s University.

How much does it cost to study MBA in Malaysia?

An MBA degree for aspirants willing to study in Malaysia will cost about RM 25,000 a year this translates to roughly about INR 5 lakhs a year. So for a two-year course students are likely to spend nearly INR 15 lakhs to cover fees, food, accommodation, and living costs.

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Is Indian MBA valid in Malaysia?

Low cost of living, affordable program fees are only a few of the reasons that Malaysia is increasingly attracting more MBA abroad aspirants.

MBA in Malaysia.

Degree Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
IELTS or TOEFL Required
GMAT score At least 550
Duration 1-2 years
Average fees Around INR 5,00,000 p.a

Which master degree is most valuable in Malaysia?

Which Masters Degree is Most In Demand in Malaysia

  • Master of Philosophy (Communication) …
  • Master of Science (Information Technology) …
  • Master of Engineering Science. …
  • Master of Philosophy (Management) …
  • Master of Science (Creative Multimedia) …
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

What is the salary after MBA?

Jobs after MBA graduates in Banking and Finance offer a starting salary of 10 to 15 lakhs per year. Though these big figures are reserved for the graduates of the top tier schools in the country, even an MBA from other schools can start you off with a good 4 to 5 lakh per year package.

How long is MBA in Malaysia?


The program duration is 20 months, with flexible option to complete in 16 months to better capture career opportunities in the dynamic Asian region.

Where is MBA The cheapest?

Germany. Germany is generally known by international students from all over the world for its affordable cost of education and living. It easily takes the spot as the cheapest country to do mba.

Can I do Master without bachelor degree in Malaysia?

In order to admit yourself to MBA or level 7 of the MQF through APEL, you need to be a Malaysian, who is at least 30 years of age in the year of application. You need to have a minimum qualification of STPM, Diploma or any equivalent qualification, with relevant working experience or former experiential learning.

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Can I work while studying in Malaysia?

All international students studying at public or private higher education institutions are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week ONLY during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days at restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels as long as their student passes remain valid.

Is education free in Malaysia?

Education may be obtained from the multilingual national school system, which provides free education for all Malaysians, or private schools, or through homeschooling. International and private institutions charge school fees. By law, primary education is compulsory.

Can I study in Malaysia without ielts?

Many universities in Malaysia do not require IELTS, so you can apply to these universities. Many students dream is to study in Malaysia, hence with this opportunity students can fulfill their dreams and as the Malaysian universities have very low fees, so it is the best destination to complete your studies.

What language do they speak in Malaysia?

The official and national language in Malaysia is Malay, or Bahasa Malaysia, and is “the basis for national integration.”1 However, the Government of Malaysia recognized the importance of English as an international language and added that “measures will be taken to ensure that English is taught as a strong second …

How much does MBA cost in Singapore?

MBA Course Options and Tuition Fees

Course Duration Total Fees (SGD)
MBA (Analytics and Business Solutions) 12 months $38,520
MBA (Creative Marketing) 12 months $38,520
MBA – MIT (Joint Degree) 16 months $51,360
MBA – MITHM (Joint Degree) 16 months $51,360
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