Is Kpop popular in Vietnam?

A survey has found that 51 percent of Vietnamese people like Korean pop music, and 68 percent favor South Korean dramas. … Among the most popular K-pop artists are BTS, Big Bang and G-Dragon. Around 68 percent of Vietnamese prefer Korean dramas and movies, with 25 percent liking them a lot.

Is there any Vietnamese KPOP Idol?

The language is also not that popular compare to other foreign languages like English, Chinese, Japanese. There isn’t any famous kpop idols that are Vietnamese so company would most likely to choose idols that are from other country that are more well known.

Is K-pop famous in Vietnam?

The statistic shows the results of a survey conducted in May 2019 about the most popular K-pop artists among Vietnamese respondents. During the period examined, 15 percent of the respondents stated BTS to be their favorite K-pop artists.

Is BTS popular in Vietnam?

Vietnam also has a soft spot for the oldest BTS member, Jin, as he ranks as their #3. For all countries observed, V and Jungkook remain within the top two (though they may switch in ranks 1 and 2), and Jimin seems to be in the top 3 in all except Vietnam.

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What country is K-pop most popular?

According to data on K-pop popularity based on YouTube views, only 10.1 percent of the total number of views came from South Korea, the homeland of K-pop. In terms of audience share, the country was followed by Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.

Can Vietnamese become K-pop?

A Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese or even Japanese… can be a Successful KPOP Idol. Heck, even an African, American, Saudi Arabian can be a KPOP idol. As long as you have the looks and the talent. You’re an eligible star!!!

Who is not Korean in Got7?

6) BamBam (Got7)

BamBam, or Kunpimook Bhuwakul, is another K-pop idol from Bangkok, Thailand.

Why is K-pop so popular in Vietnam?

Many Vietnamese are attracted to Korean dramas because they have a strict hierarchical order, an attractive culinary culture and beautiful Korean stars. In a survey of 1114 students in Ho Chi Minh City, 59 per cent liked Korean dramas, and nearly 50 per cent liked K-pop.

Are there any Laos kpop idols?

LaoNavy (ラオネイビー) is an L-pop (Lao pop) girl group that currently consists of 6 members: Ami, Emmy, Tobong, Tabo, Momo, and Neuw.

What is K culture?

Hallyu is a Chinese term which, when translated, literally means “Korean Wave”. It is a collective term used to refer to the phenomenal growth of Korean culture and popular culture encompassing everything from music, movies, drama to online games and Korean cuisine just to name a few.

What country BTS love the most?

Philippines is indeed the response to What Country Has The Most BTS Fans, with about 21% of the entire BTS Army worldwide.

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Is K-pop popular in India?

According to the recent survey, only 33.4% of people in India are aware of K-pop. … People from all over the world started recognizing them as one of the most leading K-pop groups. Other K-pop groups like EXO. and BLACKPINK gained popularity and helped increase K-pop as global fame.

Which country has the most K-pop fans 2021?

Based on Twitter’s K-pop data from 2021, the Philippines trailed behind Indonesia in the top spot, and Japan in the second spot. South Korea came in the fourth spot, and the United States ranked fifth.