What hotels are used for quarantine in Singapore?

Which hotel in Singapore is used for quarantine?

The first recommended hotel for quarantine in Singapore that supports the SDF Suite program is Fairmont Singapore.

Can we choose hotel for SHN in Singapore?

You can now book an SHN suite in a specific hotel

If you want more space to spend your mandatory SHN period in Singapore for 10 days, you can now pre-book a specific suite type at one of 18 hotels, including the Swissotel, Ritz-Carlton, InterContinental and The Regent, at a higher cost.

Which hotels are not used for SHN in Singapore?

Non-SHN Staycation Friendly Hotels

  • Budget. Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore. Ji Hotel Singapore Reception. …
  • Mid-level. M Social. M Social Hotel Singapore. …
  • Luxury. Andaz Singapore – a concept by Hyatt Hotel. Andaz Singapore for Staycation and VTL Travels.

Where are the SHN dedicated facilities in Singapore?

Table of contents — List of SHN Dedicated Facilities (Updated 1 January 2022)

  • Capri by Fraser China Square.
  • Carlton City.
  • Carlton Hotel Singapore.
  • Citadines Rochor Singapore.
  • Conrad Centennial.
  • Fairmont Singapore.
  • Four Points by Sheraton, Singapore Riverview.
  • Genting Hotel Jurong.
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Can I self isolate in a hotel Singapore?

Individuals who are not already residing in hotels and test positive on a COVID-19 test (either PCR or ART) should not check into a hotel. … must self-isolate until they receive the results of their confirmatory PCR test. If the results are negative, they may go about their daily activities with no further isolation.

Do I have to pay for hotel quarantine in Singapore?

From 17 June 2020, 2359 hours, all incoming travellers who are not Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents will be required to pay for their stay at dedicated SHN facilities, where applicable.

Do you have to pay for hotel quarantine?

A fee will be charged for stays greater than 48 hours and less than 14 days, depending on the length of your stay. For example, if you stay in quarantine for 72 hours (3 days), you will be charged for 3 days. The fee is a fixed amount that contributes towards the overall costs of quarantine incurred by NSW Government.

Can I choose my own SHN hotel?

You can now choose SHN hotel without getting random allocations upon arrival, with a caveat. This program is called SDF Suite. Subject to availability, travellers who need to complete their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) at an SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF) can book the suite at higher cost.

Can I serve SHN at hotel?

Hotel Accommodation

Travellers arriving from higher risk countries/regions will be required to serve their SHN at a SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF) assigned to them by the Singapore Government. … Travellers should contact the hotels directly to make your booking. Please inform the hotel that your booking is for SHN purpose.

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Is JW Marriott used for SHN?

The JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach is one of my favourite properties in Singapore for a staycation. … While the property was initially supposed to accept leisure bookings from early November 2021, it appears that it has now been extended as an SHN-Dedicated Facility (SDF) through 04 March 2022.

How are SHN hotels allocated?

The hotels are generally allocated randomly. It depends on your arrival time. Additionally, your flight class will not affect your outcome.

Does Hotel 81 have hourly rates?

Hotel 81

They provide cost-effective rates depending on the room type and position. Whether you’re on holiday or for business, they can be the finest hourly rate hotel in Singapore for you.

Can SHN go out?

What to do when you are issued a SHN. When serving your SHN, you are not allowed to leave your place of residence or SHN-Dedicated Facility (SDF).

How do I change my SHN hotel?

If you would like to switch to the dedicated hotels, you may call the SHN hotline at +65 6812 5555.