Is animal euthanasia legal in Philippines?

According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), pet euthanasia is defined as the humane means of ending the suffering of an animal with an untreatable disease or physical distress. … Pet euthanasia can only be done by a duly licensed veterinarian.

Is it legal to euthanize a dog in the Philippines?

It is completely legal for the city pound to euthanize unclaimed animals after the holding period. However, they must employ humane methods when catching and performing euthanasia on animals.

How much is euthanasia in Philippines?

If the family opts to cremate their loved one, prices start at around P70,000 to almost P100,000. St Peter’s package already includes a full cremation service, an urn, and a 3-day viewing service in their mortuary chapels.

Is it legal to euthanize animals?

The method of euthanasia is fairly standard across the 50 states, with most states authorizing the injection of sodium pentobarbital or a similar agent. However, some states allow the use of carbon monoxide chambers, often mandating that the animals must be of a certain age.

What is RA 8485 all about?

Republic Ac No. 8485 – The Animal Welfare Act of 1998. An Act to promote animal welfare in the Philippines, otherwise known as “The Animal Welfare Act of 1998. … The Law declares torturing, neglecting to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreating any animal to be an offence (sect.

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Where can I report animal cruelty in the Philippines?


  • your barangay officials.
  • National Emergency Hotline 911.
  • Bureau of Animal Industry – Animal Welfare Division (BAI-AWD) – tel. # (02) 926-1522; Office of the Director tel. # (02) 926-6833 / (02) 928-2429.

How many dogs are euthanized in the Philippines?

An average of 200 dogs are euthanized every week at city pounds around the country. A city veterinarian remarked, “People sometimes condemn city pounds for having to put down animals but, really, where do they think the animals will go?

Is cremation cheaper than burial Philippines?

Cremation: an alternative to pricey traditional funerals.

The price of cremation may be considered cost-effective enough for some to forego traditional burials. … Prices start at 70,000 up to 140,000 pesos. Urns are sold from 2,500 to 17,000 depending on the materials used.

How much does a cremation cost in the Philippines?

Prices of cremation in the Philippines start at around PHP 70,000 and may reach up to PHP 100,000. When it comes to urns, you may find options online that are priced between PHP 2,500 and PHP 17,000.