Who owns Kamiseta Philippines?

Cris Roque, owner of Kamiseta and Kamiseta Skin!

Who is the owner of Kamiseta?

Cris Roque, owner of Kamiseta and Kamiseta Skin!

Is Kamiseta a Filipino brand?


They are also among the first Filipino brands to have international stars as endorsers. Through the years, Kamiseta has worked with stars like Alicia Silverstone, Kate Hudson, and Katie Holmes. Recently, they also went beyond fashion and opened Kamiseta Hotel in Baguio City.

Why did Heart Evangelista leave Kamiseta?

Heart stressed that the decision was “definitely not easy” as her time with the brand has “forever changed my life.” The Kapuso Queen of Creative Collaborations also said she was “looking forward to a new beginning.” “To my Kamiseta family, thank you for letting me be a part of this influential brand.

Who is Cris Roque?

Cris Roque, the self-effacing head of Kamiseta (clothes and skincare), will surely approve of describing as “Kamisetized” her glittering array of A-List endorsers that includes local and Hollywood celebrities who play an integral part of the brand’s success.

What is the meaning of Kamiseta?

[noun] shirt; undershirt. Root: kamiseta.

Is Kamiseta a local brand?

Describing itself as “hip, youthful, and active,” Kamiseta is one of the first local RTW brands that worked with foreign endorsers instead of Filipino celebrities. … Kamiseta (which means “shirt” in Filipino) comes up with designs that are targeted to women from 16 to 34 years old.

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Is penshoppe a Filipino brand?

Always On-Trend

As one of the Philippines’ leading fashion retail brand, Penshoppe is recognized for its international appeal and is endorsed by some of the world’s biggest names in fashion, music, movies, and television.

What is the best clothing brand in the Philippines?

5 Best Local Clothing Brands in the Philippines

  1. LA OCEANN. A sustainable brand that specializes in linenwear, La Oceann’s vibrant and minimalist pieces are perfect for beach vibes. …
  2. NITA. This everyday wear that are crafted with love are sure worth to try. …
  3. MUNI. …
  4. LABEL. …

What is the business of Gino Roque?

His successful apparel-turned-events business Forza and flourishing career in the entertainment industry are ventures he actively pursued. One could even sayhe’s been working on them since he was a young boy of eight, selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards to his classmates as a precursor to bigger things.

Who is Dominic Roque parents?

His father is a Businessman and Her Mother’s name is Lena Roque.