Quick Answer: How many public holidays are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar has between 16 and 18 public holidays depending on the year. Some of the country’s most important festivals do not occur on the same date on the Gregorian calendar. Instead, they are decided by the Burmese calendar, the Kayin calendar, or the lunar cycle.

What are the main holidays in Myanmar?

The major state holidays are Independence Day (January 4), Union Day (February 12), Peasants’ Day (March 2), Resistance or Armed Forces Day (March 27), May Day or Workers’ Day (May 1), Martyr’s Day (July 19), and National Day (late November or early December).

Which holiday is unique to Myanmar?

Public holidays

Day Name Date(2020) Number of Days
Thadingyut Holidays End of Buddhist Lent 29, 30, 31 October 1, 2 November 5 days
Tazaungdine Holidays 27,28,29,30 November 4 days
National Day 9 December 1 day
Christmas Day 25 December 1 day

Is Christmas a public holiday in Myanmar?

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Below is the list of Myanmar public holidays from December 2021 to October 2022:

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Date Weekday Public Holiday
Dec 25 Saturday Christmas Day
Dec 31 Friday New Year’s Eve

Is Diwali a holiday in Myanmar?

Diwali/Deepavali is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Dipa oil lamps are often lit for Diwali celebrations.

How many festivals are there in Myanmar?

The dates for Myanmar festivals 2022 and the consecutive years are not fixed, as they are dependent on the Lunar calendar. Nevertheless, the festivity never drops to low. So, worry not and take a look at these 16 festivals that you must witness at least once in your life.

How many working days are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar business hours can vary, but in general the following apply: Shops: Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm or later; many shops open Sundays, some markets closed Mondays. Restaurants: all week 8am to 9pm. Internet cafes: all week 9am to 10pm.

What is the main religion of Myanmar?

Theravada Buddhism is the dominant religion among the majority Bamar ethnic group and among the Shan, Rakhine, Mon, and numerous other ethnic groups.

What is popular festival in Myanmar?

1. Thingyan Festival. The most famous festival in Myanmar, the Thingyan Water Festival is held in celebration of the Myanmar New Year. This festival is similar to the famous Songkran Festival in Thailand wherein people throw or splash water at one another during the four-day festival.

What festival is today in Myanmar?


Month Festival(s) Day
Tawthalin (September) Regatta Festival
Thadingyut (October) Festival of Lights Full moon of Thadingyut
Tazaungmon (November) Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights Full moon of Tazaungmon
Kyi Ma No Festival
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What is full moon day of Waso?

Full Moon Day of Waso (Beginning of Buddhist Lent) Observances

Year Weekday Date
2018 Fri Jul 27
2019 Tue Jul 16
2021 Fri Jul 23
2022 Tue Jul 12

What are Buddhist holidays?

Buddhism Religious Holidays

  • 01/25/20–Chinese New Year. …
  • 02/2/20–Nirvana Day. …
  • 02/24/20–Losar. …
  • 04/13-15/2020 – Songkran Festival.
  • 05/7/20–Wesak. …
  • 07/5/20–Wassana. …
  • 07/13-15/20 – Obon.
  • 07/19/20 – Dhamma Day.

Do Burmese people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Displaced communities in Myanmar’s Kachin State celebrate Thanksgiving through a blend of local traditions and Christian prayer. Since the 1800s, large segments of ethnic Kachin, Karen, Karenni and Chin populations have practiced Christianity. …

Why do we celebrate National Day in Myanmar?

Myanmar will celebrate its 74th Independence Day (Burmese: လွတ်လပ်ရေးနေ့) on January 4, 2022. After 60 years of colonial rule, Burma (now officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) gained its independence from Britain on January 4, 1948.

Is Chinese New Year a holiday in Myanmar?

In general, Burmese people celebrate their new year in April. Chinese new year is celebrated mostly in the cities where there are Chinese communities like Yangon or Mandalay so it will not effect your travel.

Is there a national day for everything?

It’s Everything day on the 3rd of August. There were many celebrations relating to national holdiays written about on social media that our algorithms picked up on the 3rd of August.