Is Facebook popular in Thailand?

Indeed, Thailand is the 9th country in the world with the most active users on Facebook with 51 million users. This is an impressive figure because it represents 75% of Thailand’s population. In just a few years, Facebook has become an essential part of everyday life for most Thai people.

Is Thailand using Facebook?

According to information from NapoleonCat, the majority of Facebook users in Thailand were females, accounting for approximately 51.9 percent as of July 2021. In that same period, there were around 59.2 million Facebook users in Thailand.

What is the most popular social media in Thailand?

According to a report published by DataReportal, the social media platform Youtube ranked first among the leading social media networks in Thailand as of January 2021, with the penetration rate of around 94.2 percent. This was followed closely by Facebook, having about 26 million users.

Who has the most followers on Facebook in Thailand?

In 2021, Tan Passakornnatee had the highest number of Facebook fans in Thailand, amounting to approximately 12.43 million Facebook followers. This was followed by Mario Maurer with about 12 million followers.

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Is there social media in Thailand?

Social media in Thailand began with Hi5 and myspace before the introduction of Facebook and YouTube. With increased internet penetration and smartphone penetration rates, Thais started to become more active online through other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Line, and most recently, TikTok.

Is Facebook popular in Vietnam?

Vietnam was among the countries with the highest number of social media users worldwide. Tech giant Facebook Inc. dominates the social media landscape in the country, as its platforms Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account for three out of the five.

Why line is popular in Thailand?

The service originated in Japan, where its makers designed a distinctive chat environment based heavily around stickers. These stickers proved to be wildly popular in Thailand, where users found them to be a fantastic way to express their emotions.

Is WhatsApp blocked in Thailand?

Re: Does Whatsapp work in Thailand? Yes it does !! 5.

Is Instagram big in Thailand?

With stellar growth in Thailand in the past year, Instagram is now up to 600,000 users in the country, up from 150,000 this time last year.

Who is the biggest celebrity in Thailand?

Top 10 Most Famous People in Thailand

  • Tatchakorn Yeerum. …
  • Suvanant Kongying. …
  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul. …
  • Parinya Charoenphol. …
  • Laila Boonyasak. …
  • Kunpimook Bhuwakul. …
  • Rhatha Phongam. …
  • Utt Panichkul.

Who is the most-followed celebrity in Thailand?

In 2021, LISA’s Instagram account had the highest number of followers in Thailand, amounting to around 53 million followers. This was followed by the Instagram account of a Thai actress named Davikah, with around 13.62 million followers.

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What language do they speak in Thailand?

Thai language, also called Siamese, the standard spoken and literary language of Thailand, belonging to the Tai language family of Southeast Asia.

How many people in Thailand use Instagram?

Instagram in Thailand

There are a total of 1.7 million Instagram users in Thailand, 35% of who are men and 65% women.

How many people in Thailand use social media?

The number of social network users in Thailand was around 52.63 million in 2020. This figure is forecast to reach almost 60 million users by 2026. The figures indicated that the number of social network users has been gradually increasing over the years and would continue to rise in the following years.

Is Twitter popular in Thailand?

In 2021, Twitter’s user base in Thailand amounts to approximately 9.28 million users. The number of [currentLayer] users in Thailand is projected to reach 9.20 million users by 2025.