How much is cheapest bike in the Philippines?

What is the cheapest bike in the Philippines?

Cheapest motorcycles in the Philippines under PhP 40,000

  • RUSI MP-Y 110.
  • Skygo Royale 110.
  • RACAL MD 100.
  • KYMCO VISA R 110.
  • Motorstar Star X-125-II.
  • Motorstar Sapphire 110-R.
  • Skygo Wizard 125.
  • Motorstar Zest X.

How much is the cheapest big bike in the Philippines?

The cheapest Big Bikes is Kawasaki W175 2021, priced at ₱130,000 and the most expensive model is Honda Gold Wing 2021 which retails at ₱2 Million for the top-end variant. The top brands that produce Big Bikes are.

Big Bikes Price List.

Model Price List
Honda CBR500R ₱364,000
Kawasaki W175 ₱130,000

How much does a bike cost cheap?

As a general rule of thumb, you can get a really nice, long-lasting used bike in the $200 to $400 range. A brand new bike with similar build quality and features should run you around $500 to $900. Any less and you’re probably looking at a piece of junk.

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What is the cheapest mountain bike in the Philippines?

1. SAVA Deck 300

  • Lastly, for those with a tight budget, we recommend the Jackpot 20”, the cheapest mountain bike in the Philippines with a pretty decent performance for its price tag. …
  • We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the Philippines will help you to buy the best mountain bike in the Philippines.

How much is a Ninja 400?

The Ninja 400 is priced at ₱331,000 .

How much is a BMX bike in the Philippines?

Top BMX Pedals Price List 2022

Top 10 products Price Store
YT JONG SPORT BMX BIKE 20 Bicycle for Adult BMX Bike Adult (Yellow-Black) ₱ 2,940.00 Lazada
Phantom BMX BIKE 20 (black orange) ₱ 5,299.00 Lazada
HILAND Bike 20″ BMX Bike Sale for Adult with Double Aluminum U Brakes and Steel frame (Black) ₱ 5,781.02 Lazada

How much is a minor 400?

The price of Bajaj Dominar 400 starts at Rs. 2.12 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 2.17 Lakh.

What is the cheapest sports bike in the Philippines?

The cheapest is MotorStar Xplorer X200R 2022 for ₱65,000 and the most expensive one is Ducati Diavel 1260 for ₱1.79 Million.

How much is Kawasaki Ninja h2r in Philippines?

Kawasaki Ninja H2 2022 Price List. Kawasaki Ninja H2 January 2022 prices start from ₱1.80 Million in Philippines.

What is a good cheap bike?

Best cheap road bikes 2021/2022

  • Triban. Cycling Touring RC 500 road bike.
  • Boardman. SLR 8.6 Alloy.
  • Specialized. Allez Road Bike.
  • Diamondback. Haanjo 2.
  • Trek. Domane AL 3 Disc.
  • Cube. Axial WS 2021 women’s road bike.
  • Triban. 520 road bike.
  • Ribble. R872 Tiagra.
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How expensive is a bike?

Road bike $350-700. Mountain bike $1000. Single-speed bike $400. Beach cruiser $200-300.

How much is a nice bike?

Bicycles range in price from as low as $100 to as high as $20,000, although on average most bikes cost around $1,500 USD. If you are just looking for a basic bicycle for casual use, you could find a decent hybrid or fixie for as little as $300.

Is Trinx a good brand?

Trinx is a good manufacturer,even if its not a well known bike in the west. Trinx road bikes are pretty good too,from their budget bike trinx tempo series. Carbon Trinx Rapid series,their endurance bike Trinx drive. and their Race bike/Aero bike Trinx swift.

How do I pick the right bike?

From frame size to extra features, here’s how to find your perfect ride.

  1. Choose the right bike type based on your needs.
  2. Calculate how much you want to spend.
  3. Make sure your bicycle fits you.
  4. Know Your Gears, Suspension, and Brake Type.
  5. Adjust the fit and go for a test ride.

Are Cervelo bikes Italian?

Cervélo Cycles is a Canadian manufacturer of racing and track bicycles.