How long does it take to get IPA Singapore?

The registration process may take up to 5 working days. The employer sponsoring the visa applies for the EP via EP Online. The approval process takes 7 working days. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issues an In-Principle Approval (IPA).

How long does it take to receive IPA Singapore?

It takes around 8 weeks to process the application. It may take longer if additional information is required. You can check the application status online. If approved, we will email the in-principle approval (IPA) letter to the contact person indicated in the application.

How long does an IPA approval take?

The IPA letter is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued. To collect your pass, you will need to come to Singapore and present a copy of the IPA letter, your passport, and any other documents that may be requested in the IPA letter.

How can I check my IPA status in Singapore?

You will get an IPA letter when your worker’s Work Permit application is approved. The validity of the IPA will be mentioned in the letter. This is the window you have to bring the worker into Singapore. To check the IPA validity, use Work Permit or IPA Validity Check via WP Online (Non-login).

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Can I start working with IPA letter?

Yes. The notification letter is a temporary approval before you get your card. A valid notification letter allows you to start work and also enter or leave Singapore. The notification letter has a validity period of 4 weeks, which is more than enough time for you to receive your work pass card.

Is IPA enough to enter Singapore?

If you don’t need a visa to enter Singapore, the IPA is just for obtaining your Student Pass. Not needed for immigration. As a visa free national you can enter as many times as you like without a IPA letter.

Can I stay in SG with IPA?

The employee can enter Singapore with the IPA which includes a pre-approved single entry visa for them to enter Singapore. The visa must be used within 6 months. … The Notification letter allows the employee to travel freely for 1 month whilst they obtain their biometric data (if required).

How can I enter Singapore with IPA?

STP and STP-IPA holders whose family members hold an MOM-issued pass should apply for entry via the Work Pass Holder General Lane. STP holders who are related to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident should apply for entry via the Familial Ties Lane.

Can employees cancel IPA?

As an employer, you can cancel the IPA even though someone else (e.g. the employment agency) had submitted the Work Permit application. You can also view cancellation requests that were not submitted by you.

How can I get IPA bank?

Here are the three steps you need to follow to secure an IPA.

  1. Choose your preferred lender(s). In the first step, you want to compare the various home loan options offered by the banks and narrow it down to one or two. …
  2. Apply for your IPA. …
  3. Sit back and wait.
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How do I cancel my Singapore IPA Work Permit?

How to cancel

  1. Log in to WP Online to cancel the Work Permit.
  2. Print the Special Pass and give it to the worker. The Special Pass allows the worker to stay in Singapore before leaving.
  3. The worker needs to show the Special Pass and a valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

Can Filipino apply for Work Permit?

Requirements to Obtain Philippines Work Visas

To obtain an Alien Employment Permit, employees will need to provide the following documents: A completed application form. The employment contract and any related documents. A copy of the employee’s passport along with a valid visa.

Where can I print an IPA letter?

You can login in to EPOL, under the section for ‘In Principle Approval’ click on it, and scroll down, you will see print letter. You can find it in there when you login.

How do I issue an IPA?

First, you need to apply for the EntrePass; once your EntrePass is approved, you will get an In-principle approval letter issued by ICA.

  1. After obtaining the IPA, you will have to register your company. …
  2. After that, you need to open the bank and deposit the required money.