How do you travel around Kuala Lumpur?

Is Kuala Lumpur easy to get around?

KL is a busy city and gridlocked traffic is common, but with an extensive network of buses, light rail commuter trains and taxis, getting around the city is easy.

What transport is there in Kuala Lumpur?

Transportation Guide

  • KLIA Ekspres Train. The KLIA Ekspres train is one of the most convenient ways to travel between Kuala Lumpur city centre and its two major Read More…
  • KL Light Rail Transit (LRT) …
  • KL Monorail. …
  • Kuala Lumpur MRT SBK Line. …
  • Airport Transfers. …
  • Kuala Lumpur Intercity Transportation.

How do you use the metro in Kuala Lumpur?

Using the metro is a very popular way of transport in Kuala Lumpur. At each LRT station (Light Rail Transit) there are big maps that tell you all the destinations of the metro in and around the city. You can also get a map at the small counter at each station. Tickets can be bought at the machines or at the counter.

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Is there a metro in Kuala Lumpur?

Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd is the operator of the rapid transit (metro) system serving Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley area in Malaysia. … The system currently consists of three light rapid transit (LRT) lines, one mass rapid transit (MRT) line and a monorail line, with another MRT and LRT line currently under construction.

How do you get around in Malaysia?

Public transport in Malaysia is reliable and inexpensive. Much of your travelling, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia, will be by bus, minivan or, less often, long-distance taxi. Budget flights are a great option for hopping around the region, especially given that no ferries connect Peninsular and east Malaysia.

Is there Uber in Kuala Lumpur?

Yes they do. You can easily use Uber or Grab with credit card payment anywhere in KL, even from airports. Other option to travel from KLIA to downtown is via the metro, KLIA express.

How much does a bus cost in Malaysia?

Fares commonly range between RM 1.00 to RM 3.00, depending on the zone in which the passenger intends to travel to. Passengers are also able to pay for fares using a prepaid card called Touch n’ Go, which can be bought at all major train or LRT stations.

Can I transit through Kuala Lumpur Airport Covid?

You can only transit between flights that have you remaining in the same terminal between arrival and departure (i.e. you will not be permitted to transit if you land at KLIA2 terminal and then seek to depart from KLIA terminal, or vice versa).

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How do I travel with MRT?

How to Ride the MRT Train

  1. Pass through the security check. From your starting point, enter the station entrance through the security check. …
  2. Secure a train ticket. …
  3. Enter the train station. …
  4. Board the train. …
  5. Ride the train and wait for your stop. …
  6. Alight the train and exit the station.

What types of transportation can tourists take to move around the city?


  • Personal public transport. Bicycle-sharing system. Carsharing. Personal rapid transit.
  • Rail transport. Inter-city rail. High-speed rail. Maglev. Urban rail transit. Airport rail link. Atmospheric railway. …
  • Road transport. Public transport bus service. Transit bus. Articulated bus. Bi-articulated bus. Trailer bus. Trackless train.

What is the best month to visit Kuala Lumpur?

Located in proximity to the equator, the weather remains hot, and it rains almost throughout the year in Kuala Lumpur; however, May to July remains the best time to visit Kuala Lumpur as the area remains relatively dry during these months, the skies are bluer than ever!

Is there subway train in Malaysia?

Metro of Kuala Lumpur Asia / Malaysia

The subway, known as KTM Komuter, was opened in 1995. It has 2 lines: Seremban and Port Klang, complemented by other 3 lines of light trains, and a monorail. The entire railroad system starts to work at 5:30am until midnight.

How many days are enough for Kuala Lumpur?

3 days in Kuala Lumpur is the perfect amount of time to experience the mix of modernity and tradition that has established the Malaysian capital as a firm favorite on Southeast Asian travel itineraries.

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