How do I contact Thai Airways from India?

How do I contact Thai Airways customer service?

Contact Address

  1. THAI CONTACT CENTER – Reservations (24 Hours) Tel : (66) 2356-1111. …
  2. ROYAL ORCHID HOLIDAYS. Tel : (66) 2628-2456-7, (66) 2628-2457, (66) 2288-7152-3, (66) 2288-7153. …
  3. ROYAL ORCHID PLUS. Tel : (66) 2356-1111. …
  4. CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Building 6, 1th Floor, Head Office. …
  5. RECRUITMENT. Building 3, 1th Floor, Head Office.

Is Thai Airways operating in India?

With effect from 08th June 2019, Delhi will have 22 flights to Bangkok and beyond weekly. THAI offers 4 flights option from Delhi to Bangkok on Saturdays and 4 flights option from Bangkok to Delhi on Fridays.

Is Thai Airways giving refunds?

THAI has launched interim measures to assist customers booked via who have unused tickets or have applied for refunds. … Unused THAI Travel Vouchers can be refunded from 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2022 only.

Are THAI airlines still flying?

Following the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) announcement prohibiting international flights into Thailand until 30 June 2020, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) has to suspend operations for one more month in June 2020.

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How do I contact Thai Airways Malaysia?

THAI Reservation & Ticket Office:

603-20346900. Airport Office – Level 3. 603-87764311.

When international flights will resume in Thailand?

Thai Airways International will restart full service on 36 overseas routes to locations in Europe, Asia, and Australia, with most of them resuming on October 31, in reaction to the government’s plan to reopen the kingdom to tourists in November 1.

Is Bangkok flights open from India?

Air India will start its services to Bangkok from December 8, initially operating two times-a-week on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. Prior to the pandemic, the airline had three day-a-week services between Kolkata and Bangkok.

Why are there no direct flights to Thailand?

Direct Flights to Bangkok are Not Profitable

The first of these is profit—in general, ultra-long haul (ULH) flying is unprofitable, with flights between major business centers (Singapore Airlines’ SIN-EWR flight and Qantas’ LHR-PER services come to find) being the only exception.

How long does it take to get a refund from Thai Airways?

For those purchases made by cash or check, THAI will issue your refund within 20 days. For any eligible refunds purchased with a credit card, THAI will refund to the credit card issuer within 7 days of receipt of your completed request for refund.

What is happening with Thai Airways?

In late May 2020, Thai Airways filed for bankruptcy protection in Bangkok’s Central Bankruptcy Court. By July 2020, the airline had defaulted on around US$3 billion in debt.

How do I cancel my Thai Airways ticket?

How to cancel Thai Airways flight ticket?

  1. Browse Thai airlines official website.
  2. Get Sign In after entering required information.
  3. Go to Manage Your Reservation followed by My Reservation section.
  4. Select the ticket that you want to cancel.
  5. Read refund terms and conditions.
  6. Enter refund account details.
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Is Thai Airways flying again?


THAI continues to gradually adjust its network and is resuming more scheduled flights, as well as introducing new routes, in response to the continuing lifting of travel restrictions and to meet growing passenger demand.

Is there international flights from India?

India had suspended international flights from 23 March 2020 amid coronavirus pandemic. However, special international passenger flights have been operating since July last year under air bubble arrangements formed with approximately 28 countries.

Is Bangkok airport open for international flights?

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport Is Open For International Transit Passengers Again As Of February 24, 2021. … Transit passengers at Suvarnabhumi had [probably means have] to show fit-to-fly and Covid-free certificates, as well as health insurance documents. “Their stay at the airport is limited to 12 hours.