Frequent question: Which is the longest river in Indonesia?

Which is the largest river of Indonesia?

The Kapuas River (or Kapoeas River) is a river in the Indonesian part of Borneo island, at the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia. At 1,143 kilometers (710 mi) in length, it is the longest river in the island of Borneo and the longest river of Indonesia and one of the world’s longest island rivers.

How long is Kapuas river?

Major rivers can be found on Kalimantan, Java, Papua, and Sumatra. Indonesia’s longest river, the Kapuas, which is 1,143 kilometers (710 miles) long, is in Kalimantan, flowing from the north-central mountains to the South China Sea. Other major rivers in Kalimantan are the Barito, Mahakham, and Rajang.

How many rivers are there in Indonesia?

Context in source publication

The Indonesian major rivers identified in the NEWS-2 are 170 rivers, while the world’s major rivers reach 6000 rivers. …

Which is the largest river of Asia?

Yangtze River, Chinese (Pinyin) Chang Jiang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ch’ang Chiang, longest river in both China and Asia and third longest river in the world, with a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 km).

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What is the name of Indonesia’s biggest lake?

The largest lake, by both area and volume, is Lake Toba in Sumatra. It holds 240 km³ of freshwater, and is the largest lake body in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has 3 of the 20 deepest lakes in the world – Lake Matano in Sulawesi (590 m), Lake Toba in Sumatra (505 m), and Lake Poso in Sulawesi (450 m).

How long is the Barito river?

Kapuas River, Indonesian Sungai Kapuas, Dutch Kapoeas Rivier, chief waterway of western Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan). The river rises in the Kapuas Hulu Mountains in the central part of the island and flows 710 miles (1,143 km) west-southwest through West Kalimantan province.

Why is Kapuas important to Indonesia?

It is an important source of water and mode of transport

Although roads are available to connect most parts of West Kalimantan, the Kapuas river is still the major waterway connecting the centre of Borneo with its western coast. Tourists usually board this kind of speedboat to visit Danau Sentarum National Park.

Which is the largest island in Indonesia?

The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Sulawesi, and the Indonesian part of New Guinea (known as Papua or Irian Jaya).

Facts & Figures.

Location : Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
Capital City : Jakarta
Official Language Bahasa Indonesia

What is the largest river in the Middle East?

The 3 longest rivers in the Middle East are the Nile, the Euphrates, and the Tigris. The Nile River is possibly the longest river in the world, and thus, the longest river in the Middle East.

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How many lakes are there in Indonesia?

Indonesia has over 500 lakes, varying from deep tectonic basins to volcanic, glacial and ephemeral floodplain types, but the paucity of data is striking.

Does Indonesia have desert?

Along with its mesmerizing beaches, tranquil and lush mountains, as well as exciting cities, there are some beautiful deserts you must visit in Indonesia.

Where is the Indonesia SEA?

Indonesia is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia, lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is located in a strategic location astride or along major sea lanes connecting East Asia, South Asia and Oceania.

Geography of Indonesia.

Continent Asia
Exclusive economic zone 6,159,032 km2 (2,378,016 sq mi)