Best answer: How much does the Skytrain cost in Bangkok?

Right now, riding the Skytrain costs from 16 Thai baht (£0.37) for a single ticket to travel one station, up to 59 baht (£1.38) to take in the whole system. A one-day ticket for unlimited travel costs 140 baht (£3.26).

How much is public transport in Bangkok?

Types of buses in Bangkok

Most buses (except for all-night ones) run between 5am and 11pm daily. Regular buses cost around 8 baht, while the expressway buses cost from 10 baht. Air-conditioned buses (cream-blue) start from 12 baht (depending on the distance travelled). All-night buses (cream-red) are about 9.50 baht.

How many people use BTS per day?

BTS Skytrain

Daily ridership 747,325 (average weekday ridership)
Began operation 5 December 1999

What time does Bangkok Skytrain close?

BTS SkyTrain operates daily from 06.00 – 24.00 hrs.

How does the BTS work in Bangkok?

Bangkok Mass Transit System or the BTS or Skytrain as it’s more commonly referred to was opened in 1999. … The skytrains operate on an elevated rail platform linking major areas of importance within central Bangkok. It also links in several places to Bangkok’s other transport system the MRT.

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How do I buy Skytrain tickets in Bangkok?

There are few ways to buy Bangkok BTS ticket but the most common way is using Ticket Issuing Machines. Most of these machines accept coins only. You need 1, 2, 5 or 10 Baht coins (satangs are not accepted). If you don’t have enough coins, just change your notes at BTS Station Ticket Office.

How much should I pay for a tuk tuk in Bangkok?

At the moment, the going rate for a short tuk tuk ride is about 150 baht (US$5) for a journey that would cost 50 to 70 baht (US$2) in a metered taxi. For quick journeys to the end of the road, the price is 50 baht (US$2) and if you go slightly further afield, the price will quickly jump to 100 baht (US$3).

Are taxis expensive in Bangkok?

The fare starts at 35 baht and stays there for the first 2 kilometers. The fare gradually works its way up with 2 baht at a time (roughly per km). A surcharge applies in traffic jams (1.25 baht per meter when moving under 6 km/h). Typical taxi fares for going a few kilometers are around 50 baht.

What is the best way to get around Bangkok?

The best way to get around Bangkok is by Skytrain or Metro, which is fast, affordable and easily navigable for visitors. The city also offers an extensive network of buses, but these are prone to traffic jams, which the city is notorious for. Taxis are fairly cheap, but again, gridlock is a regular issue.

Does Skytrain use electricity?

The Canada Line’s trains, built by Hyundai Rotem, are fully automated, but are of a different design from the Expo and Millennium Lines’ Bombardier-built fleet. They use conventional electric motors rather than linear induction motor technology.

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Who built Bangkok BTS?

BTS Skytrain is the first electric mass transit railway system to commence operations in Thailand, built and operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC). Inaugurated on 5th December 1999, BTS Skytrain operates on 2 lines, serving 23 stations in total.

How many subway lines are there in Bangkok?

MRT (Bangkok)

Number of lines 2 in operation 3 under construction
Number of stations 53
Daily ridership 470,000 (Oct 2019)
Annual ridership 92.4 million (in 2014)

Does the skytrain go to Bangkok airport?

The direct Express Line provides a 15-minute non-stop journey between the City Air Terminal Makkasan station and Suvarnabhumi Airport. The trip is priced at 150 Baht per trip. The Commuter Train makes eight stops throughout the city, taking 27 minutes to travel the 28 kilometres (17 miles) to the airport.

Is there Uber in Bangkok?

There is no Uber in Thailand, but there is Grab

All you have to do is download the app and enter your destination, just like you would with Uber. It is a little more expensive than a taxi or tuk tuk, but the cars are safe, secure and usually air-conditioned—totally worth it for a cross-city journey.

How do I get a bunny card in Bangkok?

Rabbit cards can be purchased at any BTS station in Bangkok. Or on the Smartbus at Phuket Airport. Or RTC City Bus counter at Chiang Mai Airport. Alternatively, you can buy a card loaded with 200 Baht stored value online through