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Singapore Sun Festival


All hail the Sun

Already celebrated annually in Cortona, Tuscany (Italy) and the Napa Valley (California), the Singapore Sun Festival has gained accolades for its ability to celebrate The Art of Living through the seven disciplines of visual arts, literature, music, wellness, wine and cuisine in one premium multi-arts event.

Locals and tourists have been known to mark this event (inaugurated in 2007 by IMG Artists) on their calendars for its wide variety of activities – from painting workshops to public film screenings at the open-air and balmy Botanic Gardens. It’s a multi-faceted event that is acclaimed not only for its choice selections of events and personalities (includes leading intellectuals in the spheres of literature and spiritual like Nigerian author Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Prize winner and acclaimed spiritual guru Deepak Chopra) and that grace it, but also for its sheer grandness that are a big pull among the artistic and creative crowds alike.

Visitors can spend their time in lavish indulgence of the arts by delving into its stellar line-up of choir performances accompanied by some of the world’s finest orchestras and both indoor and outdoor waterfront performances by award-winning regional and international artistes. If you have a penchant for the culinary arts, you are sure to enjoy the decadently fine cuisine and glorious wine prepared by some of the world’s most revered chefs and wine connoisseurs with in some of the finest dining establishments in bustling town.

Having been awarded the Leisure Event of the Year in 2008 and 2009 at the Singapore Experience Awards, the Singapore Sun Festival promises to be an even more exciting event filled with activities and performances that reflect Singapore’s global artistic culture.


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